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Wolf Spirit Radio is run by Dave Corso, whom Dave Kelso met back in late 2010, through Rebecca Jernigan when JWR (the Journeys With Rebecca Radio Show) was on KCOR (the Kansas City Online Radio Network). As one on a long list of events that Rebecca refers to as her “year of hell” back in 2011; for undisclosed reasons, her Radio Show was unable to proceed forward on KCOR, leaving JWR in need of a new Radio Network Home.

This (among other things) inspired Dave Corso to start Wolf Spirit Radio and he gladly offered JWR a brand new home on his Radio Network. Wolf Spirit Radio ever since, has been a smashing success with renown hosts who have had amazing guests, with resumes that place them in all aspects of science, spirituality, industry and technology (both internal and external), including but not limited to those who have been on other popular radio networks as guests, such as Coast to Coast AM (formerly known as the Art Bell Show) and beyond!

Staff / Hosts

This amazing cast of professionals includes: Andrew Bartzis, Carole Michaella, Dale Benadum, Dave Corso (obviously), Dr. Dean Lloyd & Am Rosen, Dr. Mike Castle, Dr. Will Spencer, Dr. Sam Mugzzi, Eva Moore, Frank Jordan, Jay Pee, Tony Isaaks and LuellaMay, Matt Navarro, Michael McCraken, Paul R Price, Randy Maugans, Rebecca Jernigan (obviously), Siobhan Ciresi, Stewart & Janet Swerdlow, Thomas Hughes and the list is forever expanding and evolving.

Wolf Spirit Radio Group Guide

… as taken from the WSR Website Directly

The Wolf Spirit Radio Group website is geared towards presenting and discussing the unbridled and honest TRUTH about many subjects. We have always thought that the truth was defined as “Relating or sharing an event, happening or discovery to another person or group of peoples, WITHOUT adding to or taking from that event, happening or discovery, to make some one RIGHT or some one WRONG“. We have since learned that the TRUTH depends on where one is standing with their knowledge, experience and learning on any particular subject.

We are not experts on any subject, and we all stand to learn so much from each and everyone of our guests with the new information they present and discuss on each show. It is our hope and thought that each and everyone who listens to the shows presented on Wolf Spirit Radio will gain that knowledge that is being presented on these shows. If you disagree with anything that the guest presents, that is your right, just remember this, you are free to agree to disagree. However, be that as it may be, you are not free to call out any guest in an unfriendly way and will not be permitted to attack the guest in a personal or unfriendly manner by saying in a nasty way their view on anything DOES NOT agree with your view of said subject. It is requested that each host and listener will keep an open mind, heart and soul when listening to a broadcast or while in the chatroom.


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