Rebecca Jernigan

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Rebecca Jernigan – Channel/Translator for the Elohim, Psychic, Mother, Grandmother, Speaker, Healer, Teacher, Cook, Talk Radio Show Host – Her talents and experiences are wide and varied.”

Regardless of whether or not you believe in the so-called “super natural”; this does not change the fact that Rebecca Jernigan is an awesome friend and an absolutely wonderful human being!

Rebecca Jernigan had her last “farewell show” of JWR, on January 31st, 2013.

Dave Kelso originally met Rebecca Jernigan back in late 2010, by way of the Journeys With Rebecca Radio Show. In mid-2010, Dave Kelso had come across the following video:

Dave’s reaction for a long time was “nah, i’m too busy, i don’t have time” but the idea of listening to Journeys With Rebecca would periodically gnaw at his mind. So in the fall of 2010, he decided to surrender to his curiosity and the rest, is history!

Rebecca has had an AMAZING line up of guests over the years! You name the career field, main stream or fringe, and she has had a guest on for it! Physicists, Quantum Physicists, Metaphysicists, Main Stream Health Practitioners, Holistic Health Practitioners, Engineers, Archeologists, History Researchers, UFO Researchers and the entire gamet of the whole spectrum of varying career fields and experts in those fields. Even Dave Kelso himself was once a guest on JWR! You can either download the MP3 (2012-11-01-JWR-RR-Guest-Dave-Kelso.mp3) or listen to it by way of YouTube:

Rebecca Jernigan is an absolutely wonderful human being and her show will be missed, but — you can always catch 6 of the 12 years worth of radio show episodes from the JWR Archives or the Wolf Spirit Radio Archives!

You may also enjoy our Journeys With Rebecca YouTube Playlist!

Rebecca Jernigan has also been a guest herself on COUNTLESS other radio shows and a Youtube Search will show just how many!

You can also watch Rebecca Jernigan at, “PROJECT CAMELOT PRESENTS AN OPEN DISCUSSION ON THE SHIFT, with Jordan Maxwell, Richard Dolan, Cynthia Crawford, Alfred Webre, Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy, Rebecca Jernigan, George Green, Miriam Delicado, Robert O. Dean, and Audience Participation.” by means of the YouTube video below.