Ocean Design Aquarium

Not our first client, but absolutely our BEST CLIENT — Ocean Design Aquarium has been an enjoyable establishment to work with and the owner, Anthony, is always dedicated to providing the best possible products and services to his customers!

His 20+ YEAR Reputation for Excellence speaks for itself, as most of his “advertising” is done by way of word of mouth (or text, when referring to online communications) through extremely satisfied friends, customers and affiliates.

Pondscape Photography of Ocean Design Aquarium by Sonja Saarentola.
Please check out the Ocean Design Aquarium Art Gallery on deviantART!

He is very easy to work with, as he is always willing to discuss ideas for providing the customer the best possible deals. This allows us to give him extended price breaks that not all stores allow us to do, seeing as there are many stores who have more strict financial budgeting systems and protocols.

As an example, lets take a look at the Pond Size Commet Gold Fish that we sell to him. Average retail most places is $9.99 for Commets of the size and beauty that we provide to him. Seeing as we are able to give him extraordinary price breaks — as his experimentation with lowering prices proceeded forward, sales have continued to increase!

First $7.49. Then $4.99! As of late 2012 and on into 2013, he has reduced this once again down to $3.99! You may YET see it drop down to $2.99 or some sort of 50% off deal or “buy one get one free” or something. You NEVER know! We’re always cooking up new ideas with Anthony so you never know what to expect! What you can rely on however, is that the deal is always going to be good!

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He has changed storefront locations from Irving Park Road to Addison Street, so don’t become TOO confused in the video when it “seems like its two different stores” because physically, it is. However, BOTH are Ocean Design Aquarium!

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This page is also accessible via http://oceandesignaquarium.pondscape.us for your convenience!