About Walter and Dave Kelso


Dave Kelso is an entrepreneur. The word “entrepreneur” does not in any way, shape or form mean “wealthy” or in any way “monetarily privileged”. By the very nature of what an entrepreneur is, an entrepreneur can not be born with a silver spoon up their arse.


An entrepreneur typically comes from a more humble and grass roots background. The primary tool an entrepreneur has, is his or her imagination and creativity. The ability to observe, perceive, understand and therefore move beyond the mind prison of the societal box. An entrepreneur is in his or her very nature, extremely adaptable. An entrepreneur sees things in terms of opportunity instead of burden, and prior to this level of realization; formerly saw everything as burden, previously thinking that he or she has received a raw deal in life. As desperation meets creativity, surviving slowly transforms into thriving.

Typically having a child-like and social / friendly disposition, they tend to be perceived by their peers as an enigma, or anomaly. Usually very open about pretty much everything, they are the poster children for the obvious, hiding in plain sight.

An entrepreneur typically receives one of 3 basic reactions from people:

  • They become annoyed and pissed off.
  • They become awestruck and inspired.
  • They become annoyed and pissed off simultaneous to being awestruck and inspired.

Psychological Profile

An entrepreneur tends to be the “underdog”. Most of whom are very artistic in nature, they tend to have very common traits of an artist. They did not fit in too well in school nazi propaganda entrainment camp. They are not very compatible with the formal system of employment wage slave rat race. They are usually diagnosed with a psychological disorder tyrannically judged and labelled for thinking differently as a result of being ahead of their time.

If they are not able to find their niche in life, their journey can be perilous and their demise, agonizing. Self Employment is their only hope.

Most people in the world today (whether they know it or not) and typically the younger generations (teenage to 40) are of an entrepreneurial spirit. With the rise of more and more computer industry professionals, dot-com businesses, artists, musicians and the list goes on — it is quite evident that the mindset of humanity is becoming increasingly more entrepreneurial as human consciousness leans more towards individuated sovereignty.

Dave Kelso is one of many of these sorts in this day and age, so he’s in good company. His life has not been easy. His life is still not easy, but he is more able to meet the challenges with a sense of enthusiasm and adventure, rather than hopelessness and self-victimization.

Even when he was a little kid, he has always been very expressive and very inquisitive. His desire for pursuits of knowledge and wisdom have of course been viewed through societal eyes as a disruption to the status quo. Always questioning. In todays narrow-minded society, questioning and being in the pursuit of ones personal growth and evolution, is a sure fire way to piss just about everyone off. Parents, teachers, friends, you name it. At least he does appear to attract like-minded individuals, so loneliness is not a problem Dave has. He is surrounded by many thoughtful, open minded, loving, supportive and absolutely awesome people. Of course, this was not always the case — especially growing up.


As a kid, he was and still very much is, into things such as Science, Science Fiction, Plants, Animals and things which require a bit of a cross-blending of right and left brain comprehension. Mathematics is his biggest failing. So even though he is a computer technician, programming languages have not been something he has easily taken to. When it comes to programming, in short: he sucks.

As a kid, video games were of course his first experience with computer technology. This is a pretty common thing these days. Eventually moving into the realm of computers, he entered into the BBS Scene and with the assistance of his peers, is largely self-taught when it comes to computers.

His original motivation for learning the more technical aspects of computers, was he was sick and tired of spending money to have other people do repairs and troubleshooting that he felt he should be capable of learning how to do himself.

After years of torture from the Microsoft Menace, he migrated to Debian Linux and then inevitably, over to Ubuntu Linux.

The Pondscape Videos are created by Dave, using Kdenlive, Audacity, GIMP and WinFF; all under Ubuntu Linux. He records the video using a Flip Video Camera.

Dave is also an Independent Musician both by way of computer software (using openMPT via PlayOnLinux) as well as his Alesis QS7.1 Professional Midi Keyboard.

He also produces a documentary series on YouTube entitled “Paradigm Shift – An Educational Comedy“.

Fresh Water Aquatics

Dave was raised most of his life around plants, animals and fish. His father, Walter Kelso, taught him everything he knows about Fresh Water Aquatics; of course later supplemented by Dave’s own research and experimentation. For a serious Aquatic Hobbyist, breeding various species of aquatic plants and animals is a years-long adventure. A journey consisting of trial and error, failures and successes. He is always experimenting with new ideas, new techniques and new species.

Dave and his father raise these aquatic creatures and sell them to the Local Chicagoland Stores at such ridiculously low prices, that it is their hope to become a pain in the ass to contend with for the local corporate whole sale outlets. Perhaps one day, but not just yet.

The intention of being beyond fair priced with these things, is because Dave and Walter already have a love for what they are doing. Money or no money, this is a hobby that they both enjoy doing. If they can use this hobby to render a little support to the local economy by allowing the privately owned Fish Stores to be capable of providing awesome deals to their customers, then Dave and Walter are pleased to be of assistance and supporting the local economy.


They are also proud to continue to set as best of an example as they can, so that others can learn to become increasingly more environmentally responsible and “green-friendly”.


Walter Kelso, though never having any trouble fitting into the systems of education or employment, still has an entrepreneurial spark inside of him. He has always been a do-it-yourselfer and as a typical alpha-male, he has always been more of a blue collar kind of worker. He can’t sit down at a computer for long and paperwork would drive him insane, hence he never went for any sort of an office job.


He is a Handy-man. A regular Macgyver. Give him a few basic tools, some pvc pipe and a couple of rolls of duct tape and he’ll build a nuclear reactor for you, without a problem. Alright, that is more than just slightly exaggerated, however — the point is made.


He started out in life primarily as an auto-mechanic. He can fix the older cars, rebuild an engine and all of that stuff. He has also been able to adapt fairly well to the newer 21st Century cars and vans.

His first entrepreneurial venture, was in real estate. The first apartment complex he invested in failed pretty quickly, his second investment however was extremely lucrative. Dave was raised in an apartment on the first floor of 4901 N. Lawndale Ave in Albany Park — Chicago, IL. When he was 8, Walter bought a house using his GI Bill to get approval for the loan. Needless to say, Walter Kelso is a decorated Viet Nam War Veteran and among other things, was awarded two Purple Hearts for being shot in the head, and fragged.

His next entrepreneurial venture nearly gave his wife (now ex-wife) a heart attack. With a new born son (Dave) he suddenly wanted to cease formal employment activities, and go into business for himself as a Building Maintenance Professional. His company, Kelso Construction, was quite successful and is in operation to this very day.

His skill sets and interests also include; rebuilding RVs, fixing damn-near-anything in the house, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, cement work, roofing and well, the list goes on and on.

He also enjoys collecting antiquities and old stereo equipment.

Fresh Water Aquatics

Walter has been into Fresh Water Aquatics since he was a little boy. Many of the fish tanks within the Pondscape facility, are from when he was a teenager.

The old style aluminium frame (left side of above photo) and steel frame tanks.

Over the years, Walter has picked up on a lot of the old school breeding techniques and fish raising strategies, which are not commonly known by most people. Perhaps if you’re really lucky, he might just reveal a few in the Pondscape videos, so please be sure to keep watching!