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Water Hyacinth

We now have a Page About Water Hyacinth as well as a video showing you just how deceptively simple it actually is to raise them “in doors”. Please note that in optimal environments, Water Hyacinth multiply invasively. Two can easily become FIVE HUNDRED in only a few months. Pet Stores only have Water Hyacinth Shortages due to PURE INDUSTRY INCOMPETENCE! By this I mean the Corporate Industry which provides to the Whole Sale Outlets. I am not fingering the Pet Stores nor the Whole Sale Outlets for the problem. With such an invasive species, how could you have a shortage any other way? We do have the technology to raise them in doors when and if need be.

You may download this video in avi format if you wish to.

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The Water Is Blue

In a highly appropriate synchronicity, my friend Katerina Edwards sent me a link and on it happened to also be an advertisement for Bluehost. Its one of those ads most of us would ignore as typically would I also, however something just really seemed to pull me over to it. Low and behold, almost like magic — just the other day I was deciding firmly that I would stop telling myself that I continue to “not locate a cheap webhost with uncapped features who aren’t a bunch of internet cop censorship nazis” and just put out my positive intentions, put the rest out of my mind and stop giving myself shit over what I don’t yet have, seeing as that is a pretty pointless endeavour which accomplishes absolutely nothing.

At only $4.95/month this service is going to pay for itself. Quite obviously, we make a hell of a lot more than any $4.95/month through just the YouTube Videos alone, much less the fish sales and everything else. With an uncensored and uncapped web host, I can utilize my tech skills to bring in even more of a demographic into the multimedia video content and such, by way of this website. So, I feel that its going to be pretty cool.

I look forward to seeing what I can accomplish and best of all — this web host runs Linux! <3